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Instituted in 2020 Litterateur Redefining World,
is a monthly online publication from R/M

About Us

K M Anthru Foundation began its operation after his demise on 19 December 2020. Prior to his demise, while he was bedridden, honoring his ambition in life to become an editor of a magazine, Litterateur Redefining World began its operation and published its first edition on August 2020 with K M Anthru as Managing Editor, Shajil Anthru as Chief Editor, and K M Santhosh Kumar as Executive Editor. 

We aimed at the lone magazine to introduce the most talented and gifted creative gems from literature, arts, music, culture, and entertainment. Inspired by K M Anthru, a passionate writer of stories and literary essays who published many works in Malayalam and English, Litterateur Redefining World which began its operation as a web magazine, truly international and unfolding a world, unseen and untold slowly transformed into print version as well. 

K M Anthru was born on April 2, 1937. He started his literary career at 17. Though publications were a few during that time, his works found space in many of the periodicals and magazines. He started publishing books, mainly Malayalam Short stories and literary essays, from 2000. Since then, he published about eight books. During his long career in literature, he published a countless number of works in various print magazines. While he was very active in literature during his old age, he suddenly became sick and bedridden in 2017. He had an unfulfilled dream of becoming an editor of a magazine. The thought of Litterateur Redefining World arose to fulfill this dream. Sad to add, he passed away on 19 December 2020. He was the man who loved literature, lived through it and died for it.

The dream magazine of Late K M Anthru becomes part of it as the first venture of K M Anthru Foundation. The scope of work of KMAF will not be confined to any boundaries. We consider the human race is ONE and not to be discriminated over languages, countries, race, creed, color or gender. We are not averse to technology. With technological support, we intend to transcend the boundaries.

As a litterateur, employee, organization leader and advocate, Late K M Anthru worked for the downtrodden and marginalized society. His view that education never ends reflects the importance of education. By educating, empowering the downtrodden / marginalized people and make them employable are the key for development. His writings reflect the need for sustainable development and preservation of the nature.

In this context, we find it befitting to work in the areas of Literature, Arts and Media, Developing Leaders in all domains, Educating and teaching skills for sustaining life, Nature and Health Care and Community Service.

Research in Literature at KMAF by Shajil Anthru brought out a poetic form “Fishbone poetry” and “Zeroism” , New order of the day, an alternative to post Meta modernistic era.

KMAF introduced K M Anthru International Literature Prize in 2021, which is awarded to a Litterateur/Artist who has lived his life for literature or whose literature has been a change maker in bringing the society in reducing discriminations of any forms.

The journey never ends…

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K M ANTHRU INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE PRIZE are awarded to the great masters of literature and Arts who dedicated their life to literature and contributed comprehensively throughout from the year 2021. History The inspiration behind this was K M Anthru. He was born on...