K M Anthru International Literature Prize 2022 to California, Italy and Tehran

Ivan Arguellis from the United States for his overall contribution to world literature, Antonino Contiliano from Italy for his contribution in redefining world literature, and Rosa Jamali from Iran for her contribution in redefining contemporary society are honored with K M Anthru International Literature Prize 2022. The son of K M Anthru and writer Shajil Anthru announced the award at the K M Anthru Foundation Hall.

“Litterateur Redefining World” is an international magazine that started as a last wish of K M Anthru on August 2020,when he was bedridden. He has gifted many books to Malayalam, including Prathibharenukkal, Vazhakula (Not Changampuzha’s )

In the first edition itself, Managing Editor K M Anthru proclaimed that this is going to be one of the inimitable universal magazine in the globe. He asked all, including litterateurs, to consider all humans are simply one and not to be discriminated over languages, countries, race, creed, color or gender.

Litterateur Redefining World invited to appreciate unfolding a new world, untold and fresh. A festivity of ingenuity emerges in every issue was promised which is the success of the magazine.

The award was made up because of the magazine “Litterateur Redefining World” founded by Late K M Anthru, who gave importance to the literature which made a positive impact to the society.

The members of the jury are Anna Maria Mickiewicz, a poet, writer, editor, translator, publisher, etc. from London, Nandita Dey, a journalist and poet who worked in various national media in India, and Malgorzata Boreskowaska, a famous poet from Poland. Author of world literature in various languages, the author of the short story of the world, the founder of zerois, poetic leadership, and the Fishbone school of poetry, Shajil Anthru, was the jury chairman.

KM Anthru Foundation Secretary KM Santhosh Kumar explained the plans and announced that the awards will be presented in February in California, Tehran and Sicily, Italy.