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    Registration number 259/2022, Government of Kerala, India

    The scope of work of KMAF will not be confined to any boundaries. We consider the human race is ONE and not to be discriminated over languages, countries, race, creed, color or gender. We are not averse to technology. With technological support, we intend to transcend the boundaries and extent to all and shall abide by Indian law.

    As a litterateur, employee, organization leader and advocate, Late K M Anthru worked for the downtrodden and marginalized society. His view that education never ends reflects the importance of education. By educating, empowering the downtrodden / marginalized people and make them employable are the key for development. His writings reflect the need for sustainable development and preservation of the nature.

    In this context, we find it befitting to work in the areas of Literature, Arts and Media, Developing Leaders in all domains, Educating and teaching skills for sustaining life, Nature and Health Care and Community Service.