Introductory note

When did I start writing?

When I start learning “Seek hide”

Seek hide?

Yes. Hiding my pain-pain and agony of my life.

So when did it start?

I do not know.


27 January 1968…I am born.

Someone showed me an ocean – or an ocean like blue – if you look with a smile it is like a

clear sky. If you look with a grin, it is dark and mysterious.

Does it resemble life?

No. Not at all. Life has to roll over it. A voice echoed.

This is the task. Go… Go…Sail through this bluish wild. Reach out the other side. But

remember – the other side is where you are now.

And before you go…

Here it is, sixth fingers each on your palm. Cut it off when you reach the boat. Touch its roots

when you feel any pain. Many furious squall may come. Waves may roll over to sink you. But

sail on ….sail on… And sail on…

On the high seas

Here is the pen

Hold it firm by heart


Sailing the high seas