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                       ANNA MARIA MICKIEWICZ

             Anna  Maria  Mickiewicz  (
             is  a  Polish-born  poet,  writer,  editor  and  foreign
             correspondent  who  writes  both  in  Polish  and  in
             English.  Anna  moved  to  California,  and  then  to
             London, where she has lived for many years. She
             edits  the  annual  literary  magazine  Pamiętnik
             Literacki  (The  Literary  Memoir),  London,  and
             Contemporary Writers of Poland (USA), and is a
             member  of  the  English  Pen.  As  a  student,  she
             was  a  co-founder  of  the  magazine  Wywrotowiec
             (The Subversive).

             Her  first  collection  of  verse  was  published  in
             1985.  Since  then,  her  publications  include  short
             stories  and  essays  Okruchy  z  Okrągłego  Stołu
             (Breadcrumbs  from  the  Round  Table)  in  2000,
             Londyńskie  bagaże  literackie  in  2019,  and  verse
             collections       Proscenium          in    2010,      London
             Manuscript,  published  by  Poetry  Space,  Bristol,
             in  2014  and  The  Mystery  of  Time,  published  by
             Flutter Press, USA 2019.

             Anna  won  the  Miasto  Literatów  (The  City  of
             Writers)  Author  of  the  Year  in  2013.  She  is
             honored  with  the  Cross  of  Freedom  and

             Anna  Maria  Mickiewicz  is  actively  involved  with
             Litterateur  Redefining  World  from  its  inception.
             Many of her poems are published in both Polish
             and English language in Litterateur RW

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