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                             JACK FOLEY

             Jack Foley has published 17 books of poetry, 5
             books of criticism, a book of stories, and a 1300-
             page        “chronoencyclopedia,”               Visions         &
             Affiliations: California Poetry 1940-2005. He has
             presented  poetry  on  Berkeley,  CA  radio  station
             KPFA  regularly  since  1988  and  is  currently  one
             of the hosts of KPFA's literary program, "Cover
             to  Cover."  He  has  received  two  Lifetime
             Achievement  Awards,  one  from  Marquis  Who’s
             Who and one from the Berkeley Poetry Festival,
             and June 5, 2010 was declared “Jack Foley Day”
             in  Berkeley.  His  most  recent  books  are  the
             companion  volumes,  The  Light  of  Evening,  a
             brief  autobiography,  and  "A  Backward  Glance
             O'er  Travel'd  Roads,"  an  autobiography  of  his
             Jack  Foley  is  also  the  Consulting  Editor  of
             Litterateur  Redefining  World.  Litterateur  RW
             published  "Jack  Foley-  A  True  Litteratuer"He
             writes a regular column "Octagenerian Antics" in
             Litterateur  RW  and  was  the  Doue  of  December
             Dale  Jensen  commented  that  this  new  book  is
             beautiful,  with  a  fabulous  selection  of  Jack
             Foley's  work      and  an  autobiographical  section
             that  represents  him  so  vividly  as  a  three-
             dimensional  person  (unlike  most  of  the  literary
             bios  that  we  see  around).  A  wonderful
             introduction  to  Jack  Foley  and  his  work,  and
             with all the new stuff from the last year or so it's
             one  of  the  most  welcome  books  I've  seen  in  a
             long time.

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