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                EDITORIAL POEM
                 SHAJIL ANTHRU

           Shajil Anthru is a Multilingual Multi genre Writer
           from  Kerala,  India.  He  is  Founder  of  Fishbone
           Poetry – a new poetic form in the world 2020 and
           Zeroism- New order of the day, an alternative to
           post  Meta  modernistic  era.  Also  he  is  the
           propagator  of  Poetic  Leadership  which  is  an
           alternate  to  authoritarian  dictatorship  which  is
           the only future for sustainable world.

           Shajil Anthru serves as Honorary Chief Editor of
           Litterateur  Redefining  World,  a  transnational
           online  magazine  and  Contributing  Editor  of
           Keralabhooshanam Magazine, Kerala.

           He  is  the  recipient  of  various  awards,  including
           award  for  his  three  word  shortest  story  from
           India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records.
           He is awarded International Lifetime Achievement
           Award  2020-21,  instituted  by  the  International
           Institute of organized Research (I2OR).

           His Published books are:
           Rekshakante  Varavu  –  Malayalam  Short  story,
           Utharam – Malayalam Novel ,Swapnagalile Pakshi
           – Malayalam Poetry collection, Over a Cup of Tea
           –  English  short  story  collection,  Ey…Chu  –
           English short story includes the world’s shortest
           story  ,  Viswasahithyathile  Ettavum  Cheriya
           Kadha – Malayalam short story, Janus and other
           poems -English Poetry Collection and Redefining
           Literature – English Essay

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