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Cover painting 2007 - "Solàta",

          acrilico, 80 x 80, Collezione privata by
                            Giacomo Cuttone

     Giacomo             Cuttone
     (Marsala,              1958)
     completed  his  studies
     at  the  Art  School  and
     the  Academy  of  Fine
     Arts  in  Palermo.  He
     has participated in the
     artistic  life  since  1972
     exhibiting,                 by
     invitation, in numerous
     exhibitions.Giacomo is
     associated                with
     Litteratuer  since  its
     beginning  and  almost
     Five      paintings       had
     been       published        as
     cover  page.  Also  he
     was  the  Doue  of
     October 2020 edition.

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