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           Małgorzata          Borzeszkowska,             poet,       artist,
           photographer  and  nature  lover  is  a  history  and
           English teacher from Poland. She published four
           poetic  books  and  her  poems  appeared  in  many
           anthologies  of  poetry.  Poems  were  printed  in
           several  literary  periodicals,  as  well  as  in  the
           online  Helicopter  and  Fabrica  Librorum.  The
           second  volume  of  poems  “Inscribed  in  the
           landscape”  “Wpisani  w  Pejzaż”  was  published
           last year. She belongs to the Gdańsk Poets’ Club
           (Gdański  Klub  Poetów).Her  poems  reflect  her
           intense  love  for  nature  and  the  conflicts  when
           the  world  slips  away  from  the  co-existence

           The  newest  book  in  Poland  was  published  in
           March ( "On the border of light and silence"). Her
           first poetry book was awarded at the Pomeranian
           and Kashubian Book Fair.

           Małgorzata  Borzeszkowska  is  the  Contributing
           Editor  to  Litterateur  Redefining  World  and
           “Poems of Małgorzata Borzeszkowska” is one of
           her book published by Litterateur RW

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