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                   Zeus sent an eagle

                   To feast upon Prometheus’s liver,

                   Which grew back every day

                   Torture, torture, torture                                         All of life’s miseries

                   Till Heracles became the savior                                   Flew free to the world.

                   Slayed the eagle                                                  But when the lid was banged down

                   To free Prometheus.                                               Only hope remained inside!

                   Zeus keen to punish man,

                   Created a woman named Pandora.                                    Now it is the spell

                   Molded to look like the beautiful                                 To open the box again

                   goddess.                                                          To bring back HOPE

                   Sent to Earth to be Epimetheus’                                   And alike The Pied Piper of

                   wife.                                                             Hamelin
                                                                                     Let us tame the miseries

                   Prometheus warned                                                 Yield back the box.

                   It is Zeus’s deceit.                                           Yes!

                   Epimetheus ears gone deaf                                      To  make  this  possible,  we  need  the

                   Eyes blind by her beauty.                                      right  leadership-  a  poetic  style  of

                   A wedding present- Pandora box                                 leadership. Continue with the armory

                   Zeus offered but warned                                        with  us.  Meanwhile  explore  the

                   “Never open it!”                                               possibility            of       diminishing               the

                   An upsurge in Pandora                                          established  thought  that  vaccine  is

                   Curiosity, craving strong                                      the  only  solution  for  virus.  Look

                   The desire to open                                             back  the  history  of  the  world.

                   Pandora unable to resist.                                      Litterateurs  and  Artists  led  the

                         - Greed,                                                 science  and  revolutions.  Only  they

                         - Envy,                                                  can  create  the  possible  from  the

                         - Hatred,                                                impossible.  And  that  is  exactly  the

                         - Pain,                                                  essence of Zeroism – the new order

                         - Disease,                                               of the day!

                         - Hunger,

                         - Poverty,

                         - War,

                         - Death.

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                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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