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Editor's Note

              Litterateur  Redefining  World  is  now                              Prometheus

              with  its  tenth  edition.  Thanks  to  all                          Epimetheus

              the  contributors  and  well-wishers                                 Broods of Heaven and Earth

              who  made  this  venture  successful.                                The titans!

                Our  inaugural  edition  came  at  a                               Prometheus’s insight told

              time  when  the  first  wave  of  virus                              Zeus would rout the Titans.

              pandemic was in peak. To fight with                                  Hence bowed loyal to Zeus

              an  unknown  enemy  is  similar  to                                  The Olympians!

              have a betrayal from a close friend.

              Countries around the globe, various                                  Zeus waged in turn

              leaderships, and different strategies                                “Create the first ones to live on

              – all set to defeat the virus.                                       Earth.”

              Unfortunately,  while  we  are  here                                 Epimetheus shaped the animals

              with        the       tenth         edition,         many            Bequeathed a special skill and

              countries are facing the second and                                  shield.

              the  third  wave  of  the  pandemic.  Is                             Prometheus took his time molding

              hope pacing down?                                                    man,

              Are the Blank days are here again?                                   But left with no forms of guard

              Black and red numerals on calendar-                                  All in stock Epimetheus used.

              are they diffusing to white to reduce                                Alas! Prometheus stood puzzled!

              it  into  ‘Only’  borders  for  tiny

              rectangles. Are we caged in this tiny                                “Let man have fire”

              rectangle  to  escape  the  Second,                                  Prometheus told Zeus

              third waves rolling in?                                              “Fire is only for GOD’

              Are  our  routines  becoming  same                                   A No from Zeus!

              and        monotonous                 and        distress            Let the NO go to hell

              shooting high?                                                       Prometheus offered fire to man

              From  the  desk,  I  have  only  one  to                             Irate Zeus taut him with chains

              share at this moment.                                                Far away in the Caucasus Mountains

                                                                                   Where nobody would find him.

                  Litterateur                                            7

                             REDEFINING WORLD
                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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