Page 9 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 9

Following the dream

                 He  got  up  from  his  chair,  walked  over  to  me  and,

                 looking around coyly, whispered:

                 -"Even the great actors could barely perform that last

                 scene. I have to get serious about the monologue and

                 learn it. Until I carry written monologues with me? If I

                 go back to the theatre today or tomorrow, there is no

                 way I will read the monologue on a piece of paper."

                       He rubbed his temple and took a breath.

                   -"  I  have  to  solve  this  problem.  I  had  better  go  to


                             He  hastily  expressed  his  gratitude  to  me  for

                 watching his rehearsal and clutching the monologue

                 sheet in his fist, ran out of the room.

                             After  he  left,  I  went  outside,  warmly  dressed.  I

                 spent  the  whole  day  working  in  the  city  library.

                  Flipping through books, I gathered information for my

                 research  paper  on  Latin  American  literature.  When  I

                 returned  home  in  the  evening,  I  met  uncle  Nurmat

                 again at the gate.  He was banging his fist impatiently

                 at the gate. He was dressed as he had been a couple

                 of hours before.

                 - "Ah, you're not at home?" - he said when he saw me.
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