Page 7 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 7

Following the dream

                       Suddenly I woke up. It was morning. Someone was

             calling me in a loud voice that came from the street.

             - “Uncle Nurmat," I greeted as I opened the gate and saw

             my neighbour dressed unseasonably.

             - “Me... me..." he said hurriedly, -"I have been calling for

             you for a long time. It’s  freezing cold.  Let's go inside."

                       Uncle Nurmat was seventy years old, a very thin

             and small man, none of  hair on his head had fallen out.

             He lived as a beggar. His wife had died many years ago,

             leaving  him  alone  with  his  children.  Except    two

             daughters, there were no relatives to take care of him.

                   He  was  an  actor  who  had  played  only  minor  roles

             throughout  his  life,  a  mediocre  man  whose  dream  of

             embodying  Shakespeare's  characters  on  stage  had

             turned into an obsessive desire.  This man, whose only

             significant  role  in  the  theatre  was  Babchinsky  in  "The

             Inspector",  who  was  sincere,  free  of  the  inherent

             stubbornness  of  older  people,  good-natured  and

             energetic. At that age, he had nothing left to ask in life,

             and  there  was  nothing  to  complain  about  fate.  But  for

             some  reason,  despite  forty  years  of  experience,  he  did

             not feel confident on stage, and because of this, he could

             not  play  the  role  of  the  old  King  Lear  in  Shakespeare's

             famous play.
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