Page 10 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 10

Following the dream

             - "I went to the library,"- I answered, pointing to the books.

             - "I went to the theatre today." he said, ignoring the books.-

             "I wanted to talk to the director about going back to work. I

             waited outside his office for a long time. But he did not come

             through. Tomorrow I will go again. I'll tell him I've decided to

             go back to work: I'll play the role of King Lear."

               When I passed his house the next day, the window to the

             street  opened  with  a  crack  of  the  frame,  and  uncle  Nurmat

             looked out.

             - "My neighbour," - he shouted, waving his hand. - "I met the

             director last night. I told him of my intention. He listened to

             me  attentively  and  spoke  flatteringly  of  my  return.  But

             apparently  the  job  has  been  postponed  for  a  long  time

             because,  he  said,  there  is  no  vacancy  in  the  theatre  at  the

             moment. He said he would let me know by phone as soon as

             there was a vacancy."

                   For the next three days, uncle Nurmat didn't come out to

             see me. And when I finally met him, he looked very annoyed.

             - "Scoundrels, scoundrels,"- he repeated incessantly.

                   He sat by the stove, as usual. He was gesticulating a lot

             as he spoke.

             - "My daughters are here," -there was a note of rage in his

             voice that was uncharacteristic of his character. - I told them

             I  was  going  back  to  the  theatre,  but  they  didn't  approve  of

             my idea. They said I was old and could not
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