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RedЯum  RedЯum

                                                     NINA KOSSMAN

                                 The painting  the title ("RedЯum, RedЯum")

                                 comes  from  the  1980  film  "The  Shining",

                                 each of us can see his/her own thing in it.

                                 Shajil, the magazine's editor, sees the black

                                 creature as a virus trapped in a four-walled

                                 cell:  the  poor  virus  is  scared,  he  is

                                 scratching the wall with his nails, trying to

                                 get out. Let's hope it ends well, not so much

                                 for the virus trying to get out as for us.


                                REDEFINING WORLD                                                                              07
                            EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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