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                                             OCTOGENARIAN ANTICS

                              JACK FOLEY (1940--)

                    Jack Foley has published 17 books of poetry,
                    5 books of criticism, a book of stories, and a

                    1300-page  “chronoencyclopedia,”  Visions  &

                    Affiliations: California Poetry 1940-2005. He
                    has presented poetry on Berkeley, CA radio

                    station  KPFA  regularly  since  1988  and  is

                    currently one of the hosts of KPFA's literary

                    program, "Cover to Cover." He has received
                    two Lifetime Achievement Awards, one from

                    Marquis  Who’s  Who  and  one  from  the

                    Berkeley  Poetry  Festival,  and  June  5,  2010

                    was  declared  “Jack  Foley  Day”  in  Berkeley.
                    His  most  recent  books  are  the  companion

                    volumes,  The  Light  of  Evening,  a  brief

                    autobiography,  and  "A  Backward  Glance
                    O'er  Travel'd  Roads,"  an  autobiography  of

                    his mind.

                  “Jack Foley is doing great things in articulating the poetic consciousness
                  of San Francisco.”                                      —Lawrence Ferlinghetti

                  “One of American poetry’s essential thinkers and practitioners.”
                  —Christopher Bernard (Poetry Flash)

                  There is a delicious extravagance to these...books that is the very essence

                  of the California spirit. Their scope is as large and multivaried as the hills
                  and streets of San Francisco, as aesthetically diverse as Oakland and as

                  lustily anomalous as  Venice (not the one with gondolas in the Adriatic but

                  the one with body builders by the Pacific).             —John Olson (Rain Taxi)

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