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Bye Bye Pandemic

                                                            MINI SHAJIL

                         Mini  Shajil,poet  and  artist  from  Kerala,  India  uses  colors  and

                         practices  upcycling.  She  believes  that  there  is  no  "waste"  in

                         nature. Everything we consider as waste can be upcycled.

                                                                   The painting   titled, "Bye Bye Pandemic" is

                                                                   representing the angel with mask. Once the

                                                                   manhood  starts  protecting  nature  and  its

                                                                   innocence,  the  angel  with  mask  will
                                                                     protect  MAN  and  will  never  let  man  to


                                                                   The editorial is based on this painting.


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                            EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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