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Extinct  greenery,  barren  woods,  Gliding  slices  of  Alps,  raging  run-offs,
                    shifting  cycles-did  never  uncluttered  the  shutters  of  my  eyes  which

                    moseyed  in  the  comfy  turnaround  pushing  me  down  into  the  vale  of

                    solitary abode with no natural marauders of my foes which endangered my


                    Captivity enforced to mask me from the realm and ease, to comprehend the

                    sense  of  sunrise  and  sunset,  to  appreciate  your  hand  which  held  me  –
                    when my heart flutters, struggle to breathe in breathe out ascertaining not

                    to let your clasp go loose again.

                    White clouds sliding down the heaven with wings of angels swaying away

                    the heat of sun and patting me in the breezeless vacuity bestowed upon me

                    - steady but floating with my feet not feeling the ground.

                    Indisputable! It is I will place my feet on your terrain, seek the angel and

                    frills in you, will never let tears block your eyes, never let your clasp go

                    loose; for you are my breath and life.

                    You are my breath and life.

                    It is a reality...

                                                                         S h a j i l  A n t h r u

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                            REDEFINING WORLD
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