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Editor's Note

                    It is not a dream.

                    White clouds sliding down the heaven with wings of angels swaying

                    away  the  heat  of  sun  and  patting  me  in  the  breezeless  vacuity

                    bestowed  upon  me  -  steady  but  floating  with  my  feet  not  feeling  the


                    Elevated  up  to  the  world  where  angels  and  devils  abide  composed,

                    unexpectedly like a broken kite, when the hand of love which held me
                    undid the grip and let go for a flash to gift me this desolation.

                    The disposition at the imprudent moment to drop the faith bequeathed

                    upon me - betraying the poise to march ahead in togetherness was like

                    sneaking into the Eden to sin.

                    Defenselessly  seeing  the  unfurled  tears  of  love,  holding  palm

                    blemished by blood when the clasp was loosened, while clewing high,

                    could  just  lament  overwhelmingly  which  the  thunder  muted  in  its

                    vociferous thud.

                    The sound of slaughterer honing the vanes for my nerves resonates as

                    the music of emptiness with the dancing cloud which offer my eyes a

                    wooziness of unsteadiness.

                    Enthralled  upon  the  order  of  definite  spells  of  shower,  harvest,

                    monsoon,  winter,  spring,  summer  and  its  cyclical  splendor  endowed

                    by the foliage, wildness of woods, alps, streamlined rivulets merging

                    into the gorgeous deep, I stood with virtue with my palm beholden by

                    the nature.

                    Sneaked in me the haughtiness to disrupt the seasons, proclaim to the
                    realm  that  my  emergence,  I  gently  sunken  the  virtuousness  to  the

                    hades, the cautioning bells turnoff deaf to my ears.

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