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Bhisma  Upreti  is  a  Nepali  poet,  essayist  and  novelist  of  high  repute.  He  has  published  21  books
                  featuring poetry and essays/travels as well as novels. His books have been translated and published
                  into English, Japanese, Serbian, Persian, Hindi and Sinhala. Besides, his other works have been

                                                translated  and  published  into  Korean,  Slovenian,  Cambodian,  Russian,
                                                Tamil,  Kannada  and  Bengali  languages  besides  English,  Hindi,  Serbian,
                                                Japanese, Sinhala, Persian,. A gold medalist of the National Poetry Festival
                                                organized  by  Nepal  Academy,  Bhisma  is  also  the  recipient  of  prestigious
                                                awards such as the SAARC Literature Award, Gopal Prasad Rimal Rastriya
                                                Kavya Puraskar, Uttam Shanti Puraskar and many more. He has represented
                                                Nepal in many international literary forum, international literature festival at
                                                Asia and Europe. He has long experience of central banking. Bhisma is the
                                                secretary of PEN Nepal, a Nepalese centre of PEN International

                                              Bhisma Upreti, Nepal

                                                               For Life

                    Circulation of a government notice regarding the national lockdown had confined
                    all  lives  within  the  narrow  walls  of  the  houses.  This  happened  abruptly.  It  was
                    abrupt  because  the  circumstance  was  utterly  unthought-of.  Until  yesterday,  we

                    were walking outside our homes beneath the open sky whilst carrying the baggage
                    of  fear,  COVID-19  had  created.  What  do  we  do  now?  How  do  we  spend  the  day,

                    when pace, flow and routine suddenly had come to a standstill. How do we do time
                    management? How do we cope with an alarmed frame of mind? Two days went by

                    in  dilemma  and  confusion.  On  the  third  day,  my  eyes  opened  early  at  5  in  the
                    morning  and  I  could  hear  the  birds  chirping  and  singing  in  my  small  garden.  I

                    listened to it, mindfully. Chimes of birds were indeed calling the morning.
                    I was instantly energized. I got up and looked at those birds through the window.

                    They were living their lives unruffled, rising above from the vicious circle of time. In
                    this  trying  time,  I  took  my  first  inspiration  from  them.  I  gazed  at  the  sky.  It  was

                    ultramarine with white patterns of clouds in between. At the north there were firm,
                    white,  beaming  Himalayas.  Pollution  had  drastically  reduced  and  nature  had

                    enwrapped itself with a new encasement. I drew my second inspiration from that.
                    Thereafter, I pinned my ear back to my heart beat.

                    I thought, I found a way, I found a vision, experience and determination. Now the
                    terror of COVID-19 would not be able to frighten me. My creativeness and fortitude
                    would  not  be  touched  by  sedentary.  This  catastrophe  upon  human  civilization

                    cannot enfeeble my subsistence and tear it apart. Thenceforth, every day I would
                    spend some time watching bird’s love and flutter. I would be all ears to melodious

                    songs of the birds, which filled me with freshness and creativity. I began to enjoy
                    the  budding  plants  and  the  greenery  on  them.  Blaring  machines  and  smoke  had
                    stopped fusing in the air and my experience of filth and stench in the air ceased.

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