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“Well,  you  and  I  seemed  to  have  outlived

                     While  they  had  this  conversation,  a  dust  storm

                    picked up on the far side of the plateau. A russet
                    gust  of  winds  rolled  in  and  darkened  the

                    mountains, clogged up its crevices and valleys. It
                    covered  the  blood-moon  too,  rendering  a  sad

                    world  to  further  gloom.  This  wasn’t  the  end
                    surely?  The  mountains  thought.  They  had
                    difficulty breathing; the air had ceased. The trees

                    stopped  walking  to  get  their  bearings  back;  the
                    rivers  stopped  singing.  They  broke  out  into

                    hiccups  and  coughs.  These  tumults  in  the
                    surroundings, shook the peace. No human hand

                    at  play,  to  create  this  havoc.  The  machines  ran
                    amok, and kept losing their vital parts. There was

                    no  one  to  fix  them.  Machines  could  doctor  one
                    another,        but       they        didn’t       get       that
                    opportunity.Because,  even  they  couldn’t  predict

                    this.  A  human  failing  of  flawed  design,  to  be

                                                                           An  impending  disaster  loomed.  Another  kind  of
                                                     warfare started within nature itself. The winds clashed with

                                                     the  rising  tide.  Mountains  stood  guard,  to  stop  the  storm
                                                     from  going  any  further.  But  the  lightning  then  befell  the

                                                     mountain  tips.  Series  of  volcanic  eruptions,  and  melted
                                                     glaciers  paved  the  way  to  pandemonium.  The  overflowed

                                                     lava  wedded  the  falling  lightings,  and  danced  in  spiraled
                                                     tango. Complete chaos beset the land of Turag. In the wake

                                                     of a present danger, the blood-moon shot out of sight. The
                                                     storms, the lightning, left history in awe. Then a heat wave
                                                     surged. Turag was hot again. Turag hotting up! The lava ran

                                                     in  a  rivulet  towards  the  swelling  seas.  The  oceans
                                                     submerged the mountains. The plateau of Turag, now under

                                                     water,  saw  another  breathing  world  beneath  the  oceans.
                                                     Once  again  there  was  life.  Mermaids  swam  unhindered.  A
                                                     clear sun ruled and gave humans a second chance.

                                   Mehreen Ahmed, Australia

                                                                                                Litterateur                   14

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                                                                                                    EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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