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revolted. Fields stopped producing bumper crops. Rains decided

                                   not  to  dole  out  bountiful  properties  of  the  rainbow.  Leaves
                                   shriveled  up.  Darkness  blighted  the  sun.  Blood-moon  lit  the

                                   world.  Machines  were  empowered.  This  new  age  of  machines
                                   initiated a different kind of rage. An annihilation of the humans
                                   underway,  to  take  possession  of  the  land.  They  didn’t  need

                                   nature  to  feed  them,  neither  did  they  care  to  find  beauty  in  it.
                                   Humans, long gone.

                                   “Could men not have predicted this?” asked the blood-moon to
                                   the mountains.

                                              “They could very well have, because they were the ones to
                                   make  these  machines.  But  men  ignored  it  in  a  haste  to  chase

                                   success,” the mountains answered. The veiled sun conceded.
                                                         The  mountains  said.  “Enter  our  caves  and  view  the
                                   paintings  there;  stories  of  life  foreshadowed  on  the  dim  walls.

                                   But men paid no heed. Too much background noise; they came
                                   from  war  drums,  drunken  cheers  of  vacuous  victories,  and

                                   wonton  amusements.  Noises  which  shrouded  men’s  judgement
                                   for everything that came to pass. Fools, they were fools! Those

                                   men,  whose  wisdom  failed  them.  Only  the  stars  knew  how
                                   reckless  they  were.  The  massive  destruction  of  innocent  lives.

                                   Timeless settlements and resettlements, of nearly broken bones
                                   and  spirits  of  men,  women  and  children.  They  looked  like
                                   scattered peas to the gods above. Still men endeavored to build

                                   communities  and  strange  dwellings  to  shield  themselves  from
                                   showers, storms, and blustery winds. They chose to ignore the

                                   transience  of  life.  They  stopped  to  think  that  the  life-giving,
                                   precious air, their lifeline, was sourced from an outer world; that

                                   they had no control over. The last breath taken, very well could
                                   be  on  those  battlefields.  Relentless  battles,  as  if  there  were  no

                                   tomorrows. Mortals inhaled this infinite air to harness what little
                                   strengths they could, and stored them within their caged shells.
                                   A mortal existence, without any rhyme or reason. The immortals

                                   while they remained, so tied humans to timeline, and made them
                                   mortals. Ah! But humans didn’t think that far ahead. Too limited

                                   for predictions. That their passions exultant, looped them up into
                                   this  paradox.  That  this  paradox  would  also  lead  to  the

                                   destruction of the human race. By far, their intelligence caused
                                   this downfall,”said blood-moon. “Did they have a choice?

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