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A  history  and  English  teacher,  lives  in  Poland.  She  has  been
                                                          writing poems for nearly 20 years, being rewarded in many smaller
                                                          and  larger  poetry  contests.  Her  poems  were  published  in  three
                                                          poetic  books  and  in  many  anthologies  of  poetry.  Poems  were
                                                          printed  in  several  literary  periodicals,  as  well  as  in  the  online
                                                          Helicopter  and  Fabrica  Librorum.  The  second  volume  of  poems
                                                          “Inscribed  in  the  landscape”  ("Wpisani  wpejzaż")  was  published
                                                          last  year.  She  belongs  to  the  Gdańsk  Poets’  Club  (Gdański  Klub
                                                          Poetów).The newest book in Poland was published in March (“On
                                                          the border of light and silence"). Her first poetry book was awarded

                                                          at the Pomeranian and Kashubian Book Fair

                           Małgorzata Borzeszkowska, Poland

                                    Mr. K and the idea of  dignity Or vice versa

                     Mr. K is sitting in the armchair

                    as if he had grown into a green plush, he is just similarly worn and faded

                    he is  sitting with a stubborn book on his laps urging it to finally fall to the floor,
                    he would have reason to bend down

                    then he would straighten up, raise his head, brush the poor fringe out of his eyes

                    and felt dignified

                    with a book in his hand
                    he would feel dignified  even more -
                    an intelligent one with a mission, passion and idea

                    for now the book is still motionless

                    on the thin lap of the plush Mr.K,
                    he glances at it, silently curses it and persuades

                    finally would like to get some  dignity, hope,

                    some ... and anyway

                    finally the book slides to the dusty floor,

                    but Mr.K doesn't see it,
                    sleeping with his head tilted

                    and a vulnerable throat

                     then someone comes
                     takes the book from Mr.K's reach
                                                                                                            REDEFINING WORLD 11
                     and ties an idea around his neck like a handkerchief                              Litterateur
                    or like a garrotte
                                                                                                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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