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           jack foley                              RAMBLINGS

                    OCTOGENARIAN ANTICS

                                                                     Child of the West

                                                                   This  is  the  first  of  my  monthly
                                                                   appearances  in  this  magazine--many
                                                                   thanks  to  Shajil  Anthru!--and  this  is
                                                                   the  first  poem  I  wrote  upon  reaching
                                                                   Berkeley, California in 1963:

                                                                   Yes yes it is
                                                                   The West

                                                                   I  had  been  born  in  the  East,  in
                                                                   Neptune,  New  Jersey,  in  1940.  My
                                                                   father,  in  his  forties,    worked  at  Fort
                                                                   Monmouth  Army  Installation  as  a
                                                                   telegrapher during the war. My mother
                                                                   took care of the house. Not long after
                                                                   my  birth,  the  family  relocated  to
                                                                   Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania,  and  then,
                                                                   while I was still very young, to a town--
                                                                   technically  a  village--in  New  York
                                                                   State, Port Chester. It was there that I
                                                                   grew up and from there that I went, on
                                                                   scholarship,  to  Cornell  University,  an
                                                                   East Coast Ivy League school.

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