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             guidelines as reported by the media. In this context, the COVID-19 cases may increase during the coming weeks
             in Kerala. This is the point where the control engineers can interfere.
             The points that are noteworthy are:
             1.  COVID-19 is a very peculiar disease.
             2.  Biologists  still  do  not  know  why  some  people  experience  fairly  mild  symptoms  while  others  feel  the
             3.  No one can explain why men are facing more fatality.
             4.  There is a long incubation period of 14 days between infection and symptoms.
             5.  Every persons can get re infected.
             Solution is closed loop system

                                      Figure -1 How a Closed Loop Control System works
             In  closed  loop  control  system  the  output  influences  the  input  quantity.  The  input  quantity  will  adjust  itself
             based on the output generated. Obviously Open loop control system can be converted in to a closed loop control
             system  by  providing  a  feedback.  Feedback  in  this  system  is  testing  COVID  positivity..  This  information  is  a
             feedback for comparison with reference for modifying the parameters in control strategy. Here the output is
             Actual  Number  of  Covid  Patients;  Input  is  the  Zero  Covid  Patients;   Number  of  Covid  patients  detected  by
             testing is compared with input. If the comparison result is negative, the system has to be controlled as shown
             below.  To  reduce  the  number  of  COVID  patients  social  distancing  and  the  inflow  of  people  to  a  particular
             location (strategic) are to be considered as variables.
             On off approach
             The  control  strategy  to  be  employed  is  on  off  control  strategy  in  these  cases.  Depending  upon  the  COVID
             Patients, the measures of social distancing and inflow of people to a particular location is to be controlled in a
             on /off strategy. Considering the fact that in Kerala’s political scenario is that many students and government
             servants go  for election work or campaigning, a short term plan of close down all institutions where a crowd
             can be formed is an immediate solution. Examinations during this period shall be postponed. On-off approach
             on Inflow of people to a particular location: Particular location refers to offices and other public places. As said
             earlier, we actively involved many public in election activities.
                                                V.   CONCLUSION
             Kerala has now controlled the COVID-19 pandemic and has developed its own health management strategy. In
             such  a  case,  On  Off  control  strategy  could  control  to  ensure  social  distancing  and  the  inflow  of  people  to  a
             particular location.
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