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                              POST ELECTION IMPACT ON COVID-19 SPREAD
                                                     Shajil Anthru
                       *1 Principal, Government Polytechnic College, Attingal, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
             The impact of COVID-19 has not vanished and is still a threat to human life and society. Even though people are
             aware of the precautionary measures to be taken and the concerned health departments of each state are trying
             hard  to  contain  COVID-19  through  various  measures,  including  vaccination,  neglect  and  overrule  of  all  safe
             guidelines  during  the  Election  time  in  various  states  is  an  astonishing  fact.    This  paper  study  the  impact  of
             violation  of  precautions  during  this  time  and  suggests  possible  remedies  to  overcome  another  large-scale
             spread of COVID-19.
             Keywords: COVID-19, covid cases, Kerala, regulatory measures, on off control.

                                               I.   INTRODUCTION
             1137591 people are so far affected in Kerala by novel coronavirus covid-19. 1104225 out of 1137591 have
             recovered. Sadly, 4681 patients have died because of coronavirus in Kerala. 28370 patients are still in hospital
             and  recovering.  Despite  taking  precautions  to  maintain  all  COVID-19  protocols  in  the  electoral  process,  the
             second wave of COVID has cause serious concern. In Kerala, the cases had started rising. Using the mask has
             become a fashion and most people lower their mask while talking to other people. During the campaign for
             election, social distance factor is completely forgotten and neglected.
                                              II.   METHODOLOGY
             Data pertaining to the Summary of COVID-19 cases and new COVID-19 cases in last 24 hours in Kerala for two
             weeks is the basis of analysis. With the data of previous two weeks from Election date, a trend line is for
             extrapolation to find out the outcome of COVID-19 cases that may arise in coming days developed forms the
             basis of A strategy to control COVID-19 is in coming days.
                                       III.   MODELING AND ANALYSIS
             Summary of COVID-19 cases until 05/04/2021 is shown below. This is only a sign to show that COVID-19 threat
             is still pertaining to the State.

                                   Table 1: New Covid cases during last 24 hours are as above
                                             NEW COVID CASES LAST 24 HOURS
                         DATE                       POSITIVE CASES                      DEATHS
                         24-Mar                          2456                              10

                         25-Mar                          1989                              12
                         26-Mar                          1825                              14
                         27-Mar                          2055                              14
                         28-Mar                          2216                              12
                         29-Mar                          1549                              11

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