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My Birthday

                                                                                      27 January 1968

                                                             I opened my eyes to see this world.

                 Every 27 of January my eyes are blessed by my Father’s solemn smile.

                                              But…Tomorrow I will not see my father’s smile.

                                           For he is deceased and it is forty days tomorrow.

                                                                      You might see me tomorrow

                                                                        But I cannot see your body

                                                                               But can feel your soul

                                                                      I know the yearning you had

                                                                          For the poor, for the poet

                                                                                 For the old sick folk

                                                                             For those with NO ONE

                                                                             And the GIFT I present

                                                                                 To you tomorrow is

                                                                          Nothing but a foundation

                                                                        K M ANTHRU FOUNDATION

                                                                                To take your dreams

                                                                                    Dreams left over

                                                                                   I will live your life

                                                                                  Where you had left


                                                                            I miss you….I love you…

                                                                      No words do I have for you…

                                                                          Only one. I am your SON.

                                                                                       SHAJIL ANTHRU

                                                                                     S/O K M ANTHRU

                                                                                  THE GREAT LEGACY

                                                                   THE PRECIOUS ASSET I CHERISH

                                                        SHAJIL ANTHRU
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