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August 2021 , Edition 13
                        Journey never ends...

                                                                                 redefining world

              We  award  annually  K  M  ANTHRU  International  Literature  Prize  for  a
              litterateur for his/her comprehensive literary contribution. Each year, a
              panel of four judges, with Chief Editor of Litterateur Redefining World

              as  the  Chairperson  of  the  jury,  will  decide  the  prize.  The  judges
              evaluate  the  submissions  for  the  contribution  of  the  nominee  and

              choose the award winner. The prize carries a citation, and a Memento
              with the photo of K M Anthru and the winner embossed.

              Every  year  the  nominations  will  be  open  on  April  2,  the  birth

              anniversary of K M Anthru. We will announce the prize on August 9 and
              will distribute on December 19, the death anniversary of K M Anthru.
              Also, we will conduct an annual celebration from August 9 to August 15

              named Global Literature Conclave every year.

              Coming  days,  we  will  strive  hard  to  bring  a  technologically  updated
              magazine  editing  and  publishing  suite  along  with  our  own  printing
              platform. We will have more online meets of writers and artists to bring

              Positive Change in the world.

              This edition, first one in the second year, will carry the proceedings of
              K  M  Anthru  International  Literature  Prize  Announcement  and  Six  day

              Global Literature Conclave 2021.

              As promised in the first inaugural edition, Litterateur Redefining World
              invites  you  to  appreciate,  cooperate,  collaborate,  support  and  to  be
              with us to unfold a new world- untold and fresh.

              A festivity of ingenuity emerges in every issue…

                                                                                          ...Shajil Anthru
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