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August 2021 , Edition 13
                        Journey never ends...

                                                                                 redefining world

              We have plans to be more dynamic and creative with more interaction
              and  opportunities  for  the  writers  and  artists  around  the  world.  Many
              Litterateurs  and  artists  worked  with  us  throughout  the  year  for  the

              success of the magazine and its associated works.

              We have Litterateurs list published on our website. Apart from this, we
              invited  Litterateurs  and  Artists  around  the  globe  to  become  our

              FELLOW MEMBERS. Our Fellow Members are Members of Litterateurs
              Redefining  World  with  outstanding  achievements  in  literature  and

              Arts.Fellow Members shall act as an Advisory Board of conferences &
              Workshops act as Resource Person. We expect them to be active in our
              social media platforms. promote magazines, posts through shares and

              likes,  subscription  to  YouTube  and  sending  creative  works  for

              At present, we have 43 fellow members inducted for the year 2021-2022.
              Every year we will evaluate the performance of the fellow member and

              will change/upgrade their status.

              Overwhelming responses from the writers and artists around the globe
              made us to institute an award in the international level in memoriam of

              Late K M Anthru, the founder Managing Editor of this magazine, which
              would transform into one of the International Prize for Literature at par

              with  the  Nobel  Prize.  K  M  Anthru  International  Literatur  Prize  2021  is
              only a humble beginning.

              Any person who meets the nomination criteria around the world and in
              any  language  may  submit  a  nomination  for  the  KM  ANTHRU

              International Literature Prize. We keep the names of the nominees and
              other information about the nominations confidential.                                       04
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