Page 3 - August Edition 2021
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August 2021 , Edition 13

                                                                                 redefining world

                                     Journey never ends...

                Inspired  by  K  M  Anthru,  a  passionate  writer  of  stories  and  literary
                essays  who  published  many  works  in  Malayalam  and  English,

                Litterateur Redefining World began its operation as a web magazine,
                truly international and unfolding a world, unseen and untold.

                We published 12 editions of Litterateur RW monthly magazines, one
                Poetry  Anthology,  1  Single  Author  Special  Edition,  and  13

                Reflectoem  magazines.  We  experimented  with  video  magazines,
                audio magazines and a mix of all in one. Even performance of dance

                appeared as a magazine from Litterateur RW.

                Till  date  we  published  323  writers  and  artists  from  all  parts  of  the
                world. 6,17,962 users from 223 countries visited our magazines and
                read.  United  States,  India,  Canada,  United  Kingdom,  Spain,  Japan,

                Taiwan, France, Germany, South Korea, Singapore and Italy tops the

                We telecasted 41 videos on our YouTube channel.

                A demand for print copies from the authors forced us to think of a
                platform  for  publishing.  As  a  start  we  chose  Amazon  as  the  print

                book  publishing.  So  far  we  published  5  Litterateur  RW  monthly
                magazines,  One  Poetry  anthology,  1  Single  author  Special  edition

                magazine and two reflectoem magazines.

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