Page 12 - August Edition 2021
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August 2021 , Edition 13
                 Welcome address
                       Mini Shajil                                  Litterateur

                                                                                 redefining world

                Also,  there  are  many  distinguished  writers  and  artists  who  joined
                this  event.  Jack  Foley,  Smaragdi  Miropoulou,  Harinder  Cheema,
                Rakesh  Sharma,  Suchismita  Ghosal,  Nayanjyoti  Baruah  Perwaiz

                Shaharyar,  Mary  Zammit,  lolanda  leotta,  Deeksha  Raina,  Igor  Pop
                Trajkov  and  Saji  Manjamala  are  among  the  litterateurs  and  fellow

                members  who  are  here.  They  are  familiar  to  the  literature  world.  I
                welcome  all  to  this  function  of  KM  Anthru  International  Literature

                Prize announcement and inauguration of Global Literature Conclave

                I  am  so  happy  that  I  welcomed  you  all  to  this  a  Prize  announcing
                function in memoriam of my father in law—Late K M Anthru.

                                                       Thank you

                                                                                           ...Mini Shajil

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