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August 2021 , Edition 13
                 Welcome address
                       Mini Shajil                                  Litterateur

                                                                                 redefining world

                Every  year  the  nominations  will  be  open  on  April  2,  the  birth

                anniversary of K M Anthru. We will announce the prize on August 9
                and  will  distribute  on  December  19,  the  death  anniversary  of  K  M

                Anthru. Also, we will conduct an annual celebration from August 9
                to August 15 named Global Literature Conclave every year.

                The  Chair  of  the  Jury  which  evaluated  the  nominations  for  K  M
                Anthru  International  Literature  Prize  2021  is  Dr.  Vidhya  Vinod  and

                the  members  of  the  jury  are  Mehreen  Ahmed,  Małgorzata
                Borzeszkowska and Shajil Anthru.

                Dr Vidhya Vinod is inaugurating the Global Literature Conclave and

                announcing  the  prize.  She  is  a  UAE-based  Indian  women
                entrepreneur  from  Kerala.  She  is  the  President  and  CEO  of  Study
                World Education Holding Group. I take this opportunity to welcome

                Dr Vidhya Vinod to this function.

                The  literature  world  widely  published  and  critically  acclaimed
                Mehreen Ahmed from Australia. She won various awards during her
                career as a short story writer. I extend a warm welcome to Mehreen

                Ahmed to this Inaugural Session.

                Malgorzata is a history and English teacher who lives in Poland. She
                has been writing poems for nearly 20 years. We consider honored

                having Małgorzata Borzeszkowska as the Jury member for the K M
                Anthru prize. I welcome her to this Global Conclave.

                K M Santhosh Kumar, Shajil Anthru and Vipin Wilson- the team in
                bringing up the magazine amidst their busy schedule are also here.

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