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August 2021 , Edition 13

                                                                                 redefining world

                                         Welcome address

                                                   Mini Shajil

                Honorable dignitaries and guests,

                Litterateur Redefining World is an online publication which started
                its operation in August 2020 with K M Anthru as its Managing Editor.

                The inspiration behind this was K M Anthru. He was born on April 2,
                1937. He started his literary career at 17. Though publications were a

                few  during  that  time,  his  works  found  space  in  many  of  the
                periodicals  and  magazines.  He  started  publishing  books,  mainly

                Malayalam Short stories and literary essays, from 2000. Since then,
                he published about eight books. During his long career in literature,
                he  published  a  countless  number  of  works  in  various  print

                magazines. While he was very active in literature during his old age,
                he  suddenly  became  sick  and  bedridden  in  2017.  He  had  an

                unfulfilled dream of becoming an editor of a magazine. The thought
                of Litterateur Redefining World arose to fulfil this dream. Sad to add,

                he passed away on 19 December 2020. He was the man who loved
                literature, lived through it and died for it.

                But  the  magazine  he  started  acclaimed  a  notable  position  in  the
                World literature in a brief span. In memoriam and, as a mark of the

                respect  towards  him,  we  instituted  K  M  Anthru  International
                Literature Prize. It is a humble beginning from Litterateur Redefining

                World to acknowledge and honor the great masters of literature and
                Arts  who  dedicated  their  life  to  literature  and  contributed
                comprehensively throughout.

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