Page 9 - April 2021
P. 9

"Yes. Writing is not gone. We are not

         illiterate but post literate. So many  of
         my  poet  friends,  when  they  are

         touched by something, turn to popular

         songs.  They  are  far  more  likely  to
         quote        Bob      Dylan        than      William

         Shakespeare. You probably know that
         Shakespeare  was  known  and  widely

         quoted in the Nineteenth Century and

         throughout          major        parts      of     the

         "Your  poet  friends  have  probably  not
         read Shakespeare since high school."

         "One  person  I  know  has  performed
         Shakespeare.  He  still  quotes  Dylan.

         And  writes  in  a  style  resembling  a
         song  lyric.  Writing  is  no  longer  'the

         queen of the arts' but, again, only one

         medium among others."
         "Something is lost."
          litterateur april                                       09
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