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             De Villo Sloan, a poet and literary

                    scholar, on my Post Lit

           Amazing piece, Jack. You've brought us
             onto the real ground of 21st century
             poetry, close to a century after "The

           Wasteland" brought folks into the 20th.

         "How  many  grammatical  errors,  in

         printed articles, everywhere

         as  our  culture  slowly  moves  away
         from writing as a primary mode.

         People  no  longer  HAVE  to  master

         writing, so they don’t."

         "Many people don’t."
         "It  has  become  only  one  medium

         among others."

         "But  if  you  can't  write,  it  will  still

         limit what you can do."

          litterateur april                                       08
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