Page 6 - April 2021
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A. Zagajewski died today

             and when the poet goes away
             he  looks for a  comfortable bed of
             as  soft  as  the  first  poem  of  a
             teenager or a tough one,
             with hard oak knots of memories.

             when  a  poet  dies,  we  talk  bolder
             about death,
             because  the  death  of  a  poet  is  a
             good topic for a poem or a speech
             to the nation

             and  he  has  been  already  growing
             flowers  up  there,  as  if  he  still
             wanted to give us a gift
             and one day it will rain forsythia or
             mallow, or poems

             or  maybe  he  hasn't  died  at  all,
             maybe  he  just  has  gone  to  Lviv  all
             of the sudden?

          litterateur april                                       06
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