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A. Zagajewski died today

             Wreath  of  Poetry  at  the  Struga
             Poetry        Evenings.          He        was
             considered  a  leading  poet  of  the
             Generation  of  '68,  or  Polish  New
             Wave  (Polish:  Nowa  fala),  and  one
             of     Poland's        most        prominent
             contemporary  poets.  For  years  he
             was a candidate for Nobel Prize.

                  Małgorzata Borzeszkowska

            when the poet has died
            spring  is  still  making  its  way
            through the doorstep,
            clouds  are  churning  in  the  sky
            wedding bells are ringing,
            words are getting ready
            for sleep or  love,
            the  sun  is    going  out,  but  it's
            nothing special,
            not  even    time  has  been  changed

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