Page 10 - April 2021
P. 10

""Much is lost. But there is also gain,
         and  a  realization  of  what  writing,

         wonderful as it was, could NOT do.

         This  is  the  world  we  live  in.  Words

         matter but writing as a form is losing
         ground. Novels become films or a TV

         series. Gore Vidal wrote of "screening
         history." Writing will not vanish but it

         will no longer rule--and "correctness"

         will  matter  less.  We  have  lived  with
         writing  for  centuries  now.  There  is  a

         world elsewhere.

         What  we  call  Modernism  was  the

         search  for  a  new  language.  It  was

         writing's  attempt  to  open  itself  to  the
         world that was arising. Something was

         done,  certainly,  there  were  many
         extraordinary  achievements,  but  the

         new language did not appear. Perhaps

         it will.
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