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              Jack Foley's Mother Juanita
               Teriolo (later shortened to
                 Terio): 1898-1964.
               Many, many years after his mother's death, Jack Foley wrote this  poem about their relationship

                                                                                  Jack, Born August 9,
                                                                                   1940 (a Leo), Fitkin
                                                                                 Hospital, Neptune, New

                           can I remember the warmth and forgive her the beatings
                           can I allow for the clear narcissism in her affection
                           and remember the affection

                           what had she done except me
                           I was perhaps her only accomplishment

                           and look how that ended: in tears and anger
                           the love she felt came crashing down upon us both
                           can I forgive myself the anger and egotism of adolescence
                           can I weep for her as a lonely being

                           whose life was never satisfactory
                           and who looked to me perhaps as her redemption

                           "This is my son," she said to a nurse on her deathbed in the hospital,
                           "ain't he something." there was a pause and she added quietly,
                           "Oh, he don't care."

                           she died with the horrible thought that she was going to hell.

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