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In  2016,  Adelle's  death  threw  Foley  into  what  seemed  to  be  an  endless

              cycle of grief and depression, but his meeting with Sangye Land--daughter
              of poet Julie Rogers and stepdaughter of poet David Meltzer--once again
              opened him to living passionately in the world. The story of his grief for

              Adelle  is  given  in  his  book,  Grief  Songs;  the  story  of  the  new  love  for
              Sangye  is  given  in  his  book,  When  Sleep  Comes:  Shillelagh  Songs.  His
              most recent books are the companion volumes, The Light of Evening and
              "A Backward Glance O'er Travel'd Roads." The Light of Evening is a brief
              autobiography--the events of Foley's life; "A Backward Glance" (title from

              Whitman)  is  a  spiritual  autobiography,  what  Wordsworth  called  "the
              growth of a poet's mind."

              Foley  continues  to  write,  perform,  think  about  poetry.  He  is  currently
              working  on  still  another  book  of  poetry:  Creative  Death.  This  is  the  title

              I am considering calling a book

              Creative Death
              for I know that oranges don't grow in the sea
              and there is no love in Seville.

              I do not mean my own death
              but the death of others near me
              deaths which tear me apart

              but which I survive

              These are deaths
              that allow for growth and transcendence

              the dark figure in the shadows
              emerging suddenly
              with a lamp.

              Cessation of breath
              / to breathing.

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