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P. 10

I tried to argue. she said, "Not after what I've done."
                              God knows what guilt lay on her soul.

                              her suffering was perhaps her real redemption.
                              whatever she did she paid for with pain.
                              time roared between us. had I been older

                              I might have understood. she had intelligence
                              but nothing for it to act upon except
                              the prejudices of her family and her station. I can see her

                              in my mind's eye, in the photograph that made Judy Grahn exclaim,
                              "Oh, she was beautiful," her strong smile and good teeth
                              that I have inherited. can I say now, and mean it,

                              as I did as a child, "I love you, mommy"
                              and thank you for the good that you did for me
                              though I could not thank you then. How many times I kissed her

                              and held her. how much at this moment I miss her
                              and regret the horrible misunderstanding
                              that could never, never be solved.

                              Good night, mother. May you have slept well
                  Jack- Early to
                  middle 1940s.  through the long corridor of these painful, happy years.

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