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Instituted in 2020 Litterateur Redefining World, is a monthly online publication from R/M – Real Magazine, keen to offer an inimitable platform for experimental, literary writing. We appreciate that literature is not mere lettering. It offshoots and outspread to all forms of arts, music, culture and entertainment. In Litterateur, we take along the entire globe to honor each and every doue or douee in all issues. All literature pleated expressions like art, music, culture and entertainment ascertain their space here.All human being has the distinctive gift to some form or other. They lack openings to express. Litterateur with technological upkeep is prepared to organize a platform for all. Universal togetherness is the necessity of current world. Covid pandemic has reformed the borders and validated that the human race is simply one and not to be discriminated over languages, countries, race, creed, color or gender. Human are so frail sometimes and they have to refurbish the forte to endure in this world. Of course, got sealed inside walls and cities, humans tried reaching out through digital means. We transcend the boundaries and extent to all. You will never be thwarted. A festivity of ingenuity emerges in every issue.

KM Anthru International Literary Award for Jack Foley

Great Honor for Litterateur Redefining World

Italian electronic notebook of literary criticism RETROGUARDIA 3.0 , Itacanotizie and Tp24 published and appreciated Litterateur Redefining World – the magazine from Kerala, India for featuring and honoring Giacomo Cuttone as the Doue of the month.

RETROGUARDIA 3.0 - Miscellaneous electronic notebook of literary criticism edited by Francesco Sasso and Giuseppe Panella (2008-2019).

Itacanotizie was born from the experience of two newspapers: Marsala C'e - the free press newspaper which has now become a real information reality in the territories of Marsala and Petrosino - and Radio Itaca - the broadcaster born in spring 2010 that broadcasts in the province of Trapani on 98.4 FM. To meet the growing need for diversification of the media, we decided to create a news portal, always updated in real time, which was also a container for events, initiatives, columns, blogs, and many other journalistic and opinion content.

Tp24 is the first online newspaper in the province of Trapani and Western Sicily. It characterizes its information for in-depth studies and investigations, the only newspaper of this type, especially as regards the mafia. Tp24 is a critical voice towards power, in whatever form it is represented, it defends the rights of minorities and children, it is for the welcome and equality between people, the recognition of competence, respect for people. Condemns and censures discriminatory and racist acts. The editorial staff of Tp24 is committed to the transparency of the Public Administration.


Giacomo Cuttone (Marsala, 1958) completed his studies at the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. He has participated in the artistic life since 1972 exhibiting, by invitation, in numerous group exhibitions. He has to his credit several personal exhibitions held in the national territory. He illustrated poetry books and literary magazines. In the 1980s he founded, together with other Sicilian artists, the Cultural Center of Visual Arts of Marsala and, together with the Poet Antonino Contiliano, as part of the cultural promotion of the Municipality of Petrosino, he gave life to a Review of Contemporary Art and a Poetry Prize. He is the co-author of some collective poetry texts with intersemiotic editing. In 2013 he published, together with Gianmario Lucini, Song of lost children, Edizioni CFR, Piateda (SO). He lives in Mazara del Vallo and teaches Art and Image in lower secondary schools.

Shajil Anthru Shajil Anthru (Kerala, 1968) is a writer in English and Malayalam who published seven books of different genre. He is the writer of the shortest story EY published in the world ever which transcends the boundaries of language and with a universal language and befits the writing of “Beyond meta post modernism” epoch.
Rightly said by Antonino Contiliano, “And it is no coincidence that the cover image of the Indian magazine "Litterateur Redefining world / October 2020", in differential allegorization, emblematizes - according to the writer - the overall meaning of the co-operation of the two artists (the Indian Shajil Anthru and the Sicilian Giacomo Cuttone) with the painting “The enigma of the hand” (acrylic on canvas 80 × 80 of 2028) by the Sicilian artist Giacomo Cuttone

The translation of the review by di Antonino Contiliano titled “L’artista G. Cuttone in India. Non solo “tra” noi.” is reproduced here.

The artist G. Cuttone in India. Not just "between" us

-Antonino Contiliano-

Not only between us (neighbors) but "between" us and others (even far away), the pictorial instances of Giacomo Cuttone's canvases, like ferried sails (in terms of common semio-cultural and political transduction), arrive between the pages of Indian magazine "Litterateur Redefining world / October 2020" and return to their homeland, the Mediterranean routes. Redefine the world - "Redefining world" - in fact it is the common idea that the voice and letter of "Litterateur" (by the writer and publisher Shajil Anthru, Trivandrum Kerala - India) and the signs and semiosphere of the researches and expressions of painting by Giacomo Cuttone intend to translate and carry on in a historical reality which is completely different for shared purposes and ends. And it is no coincidence that the cover image of the Indian magazine "Litterateur Redefining world / October 2020", in differential allegorization, emblematizes - according to the writer - the overall meaning of the co-operation of the two artists (the Indian Shajil Anthru and the Sicilian Giacomo Cuttone) with the painting “The enigma of the hand” (acrylic on canvas 80 × 80 of 2028) by the Sicilian artist Giacomo Cuttone. In the semiotics of signs of different geo-etho-political origins, the "differences" between the worlds of origin do not in fact prevent cultures (proximate and distal) from "translating" the common need to "redefine" the "meaning" of co - the existence of forms of life in an alternative, plural world (there are in fact several voices and translations that enliven the pages of "Litterateur Redefining world / October 2020"

The first pages of the magazine are dedicated to the works of Cuttone, to his exhibitions ("Lavatoio Contumaciale" by Tomaso Binga, Rome), to the works, such as the graphics, which intertwined art and poetry (as a single verb-visual), or paintings that, interpreting / translating) accompanied poems (by the writer) and collective poetic texts (edited by the writer), or by Giacomo Giannone, or by Francesca Incandela, or the book with Gianmario Lucini ("The song of children lost ", Ed. CFR, Piateda, 2013). The magazine also reports photos that show him with different subjects and authors known and frequented by him. Among these there is a photo in company with Leonardo Sciascia. It cannot be said that Giacomo Cuttone's painting remained “among us”. Thanks to traditional newspapers and magazines (we remember Stefano Lanuzza's “Molloy” and Salvatore Vecchio's “Spiragli”), it was already circulating outside the home. Today, without borders, he travels through the pages of electronic newspapers ("Spiragli", "Retroguardia", "Argo", "The Dreaming Machine" ... Even the historic Roman (paper) magazine "Fermenti"). The latter, signed by the writer, trying to grasp the est-ethical-political commitment and together with the artistic invention, by our artist Cuttone, hosted several works.

Extrapolating from a recent critical note of ours (for the catalog of the National Exhibition "Researching contemporary art" in Agrigento, in which he participates with "The Satyr and his reflection", "Portrait of Sicily 4", "The slow passage of time" , “Good luck”), the fact that the painter Cuttone dialogues and translates the events of our time is unavoidable in order not to remain a prisoner of the pockets of dominant powers. The chromatic pulsations of the works of the Sicilian artist, Giacomo Cuttone, in fact, establish critical thrusts and a logic that filters and mixes the high, the low and the infra-medium of the expressions that tell us the reality in processual movement. "The current that coagulates the present of the past and the future. As if to say the intersection that clusters the dis-running of forms in the amazement of the instant that knows of the invisible, while, tearing the umbrellas of the protective shelters of the beliefs and conventions of the neoliberal world, the stylized pulsations sting the seeing and project together the thought of the oblique gaze ”, that is the proposition of other cultural-political identities. The identity of the cultures are not homogeneous. They always carry the innovative signs of the re-generative and re-creative creation of dynamic and transformative encounters.

Further readings from the original publications can be from the links provided:

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